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Attention: Cafe, Restaurant and Coffee Shop Owners
Surviving The Recession
How to be one of the 1% of businesses that don’t just survive recessions & downturns- but THRIVE!
The Café Academy – Setting The Standard
Would you like to know how to…
  • Explode your sales with proven targeted marketing strategies
  • Increase your profit margins dramatically
  • Avoid massive set-up costs of equipment
  • Attract and keep customers
  • Avoid very costly advertising mistakes
  • Stay streets ahead of the competition
  • Employ proven strategies to get your customers talking about you
  • Greatly increase your visibility and credibility
  • Hold a grand opening, or re-launch for little or no cost
  • Avoid the common pitfalls that can alienate your customers
  • Get lots of new customers in the door
  • Create ‘loyalty’ from your client base
  • Always be one step ahead of the competition
  • Transform any fears and doubts into success
  • Start enjoying the success you deserve

And… instigate many other tips, secrets and strategies to make sure your cafe or restaurant business thrives!

Comprehensive Free Report
“The 7 Essential Keys To Ensuring Your Business Succeeds”

Hopefully, the budget made it very clear what we’re facing in the year ahead. And many predictions are that for most business owners it will be worse than the last one.
Despite all of these challenges, there are people just like you who consistently get it right. So what is the difference between those who struggle, month on month, and those who consistently attract new clients, whilst retaining their existing ones, ensuring that there business thrives?

Here at The Café Academy, we want to share with you the most effective & powerful ways to immediately grow your business & bring in more customers. The Café Academy’s services are specifically designed with one aim in mind; to give you direct access to the proven, tested methods that any business can implement immediately to bring in significant numbers of new customers & create substantial increases in profits.
These are not theories; these are exactly what some of the most successful businesses small & large, do to get results that outshine everyone else.

Although just a fraction of what the Complete Cafe Academy Programme has to offer your Free Report can in itself start to transform the levels of success in your cafe, coffee shop or restaurant, and there is absolutely no obligation to purchase anything from The Cafe Academy.

If you would like to discover more about how to build, develop or transform your business & increase the turnover & profits by hundreds, or many thousands of pounds the Complete Cafe Academy Programme is for you.

“What will the programme do for me?”

The Complete Café Academy Programme is your road map to success, showing you exactly how to set up, promote & run a successful & profitable business- from café to restaurant, coffee shop, tea house, lunch bar, or indeed most retail shops – as it details the fundamentals of retailing and the secrets of effective marketing and customer focus and service.

If you are just starting out this programme can help you avoid losing a fortune in expensive mistakes. Learn from a vastly experienced & successful businessman, Malcolm Harris. Learn from OUR mistakes – not YOURS! Malc has owned & run successful & profitable café’s, lunch bars, restaurants- & even a food supply business started from scratch. There’s not much he doesn’t know.

If you are already in business, this programme can help you identify and eliminate all the things that up until now stopped you from being as successful as you can be. It can also help to ensure that you start enjoying the success you deserve.

The full programme is packed with more than 25 chapters, covering many topics including:

  • Market research (checking out the competition)
  • Adopting a professional approach
  • Free marketing for your cafe, restaurant or coffee shop
  • Catering suppliers- the myths and the facts
  • Saving money
  • Understanding the trends
  • Marketing versus advertising (strategies that actually work!)
  • Secondary marketing
  • Increasing your margins
  • Developing your ‘Unique Selling Proposition’
  • Secondary sales- plus many more…

It is practical & chock full of insider secrets & knowledge. Without the right advice, your results can be random, haphazard, time consuming & frustrating, not to mention very expensive…

When you’re potentially spending 10’s of £1,000’s on purchasing or remodeling your business, it’s vital that your investment pays off. Adopting the strategies, tools & techniques detailed in The Complete Café Academy Programme will enable you to reap the benefits of your investment.

So, what value would you place on such a comprehensive programme?

Our private clients pay upwards of £295 a day for consulting that utilizes these strategies & tools to develop a bespoke plan of action guaranteeing them results. Here at The Café Academy, your success is our Number 1 objective; we would hate for you to miss out on such valuable advice & information because of price. So for a limited time only, we are offering this programme for the ludicrously low investment of £29!

The Complete Café Academy Programme
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But hurry, this is a limited time offer to the first 100 programmes, & will be going back up to our usual price of £99. An affordable £29 represents incredible value, making it accessible to everyone. The Complete Café Academy Programme could just be the best investment you ever make!

100% Money Back Guarantee. If, after receiving your programme, you do not believe it can not only make you more money, but save you money too, tell us by email or phone us on 07969 367883 within 14 days, and we will refund your investment in full – no questions asked. We want your investment to be as risk-free as possible.

Whether you’re thinking of setting up a cafe, restaurant or coffee shop business, or already trading- but wish you could improve The Café Academy is dedicated to your success, providing everything you need to make sure you succeed FIRST TIME!

The Complete Café Academy Programme
The businessperson’s bible… for getting it right!
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Imagine being able to access your very own Professional Consultant for less than the price of a cup of coffee!

The Café Academy Mastermind Forum

Here at the Café Academy, we firmly believe in ongoing support. A partnership where together we can work to ensure your business has every chance to not just survive, but Thrive!

The Forum is where you’ll find regular, valuable updates & direct access to ongoing support & advice from the industry expert himself, Malcolm Harris. Real case studies, proven marketing strategies, information on the best suppliers & much more- all designed to assist you in taking your business to the next level.

It’s packed with only PROVEN information, things that are guaranteed to work, because we have used them ourselves & with our private clients, or learnt them from a small group of experts that we trust.

This is a great place to develop your business, asking questions & discussing ideas & issues with other like-minded business people.
All for less than £2.50 a week!
For a very limited time, you can subscribe to the Mastermind Forum for only £9.95 a month. (Usual price £19.95) ACT NOW- Available for the first 100 applicants only!
The first month is absolutely free, giving you unlimited access for 30 days- plenty of time to try it out.

Our 100% guarantee to you

Completely risk free– there is no obligation on your part to continue & you can unsubscribe at any time; within the first free 30 days or anytime after, no questions asked. Just email or call us & we will do it for you.

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Be one of the first 100 subscribers and receive our special bonuses.

Special bonus*1
Subscribe to the Forum & get access to The Complete Café Academy Programme for only £19. (usual price £29)

Special Bonus*2
Subscribe to the Forum & get automatic entry (qualification) to The Café Academy Awards programme, for those of you who you wish to take part.

(What is The Café Academy Awards?)
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