Before you Advertise… Read this first

In a recent report from one of the country’s most successful marketing experts, it concludes:
Most Advertising Does Not Work!

Some of the most… highly trained sales people are from the newspapers & magazines- working on big commissions, that call you up trying to sell you ‘specials’ & ‘bargains.’ Most of which are a waste of money. Although some advertising works, there are many alternative marketing methods that are much cheaper & profitable.

Here’s a few pointers:
• If you’re not testing & measuring your advertising, you should stop it immediately & spend your money elsewhere.
• If you can’t be sure your advertising is working, start to measure it properly – or stop it.
• Many businesses advertise because their competitors do. Don’t assume their ad’s are working. Mostly, they’re not. Your competitors are there- because you are … & so on. This circle of ineffective advertising is one of the foundations of the multi-million pound Ad industry.
• If you do advertise, your ad must be a direct response ad, NOT a brand ad. Brand advertising only works for huge, multi-million pound companies with massive ad budgets. (eg, Coke etc..)
• The most important part of the ad is the headline. Small changes here can increase response by 100’s of %.

If you would like detailed comment on Headlines & Direct Response advertising let me know & I’ll elaborate… (Although I do talk about this in the Café Academy Programme.)

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