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Keep an eye open on the Forum in the coming weeks for a survey on what customers really want – & like…

Lyme Bay auctions is a great Southwest auction house for a massive range of catering equipment. I have both purchased & sold here. They are located on Harepath Rd, Seaton, Devon.
Their next catering auction is on Monday 19th July 2010 and Monday 13th September
Visit: Lyme Bay Auction for more details.
Keep an eye on the classifieds in your local/regional press for similar in your area.

Do you recommend using agency staff?
David P. Somerset.
In the short term, it’s definitely an option. Covering staff absence & any other emergencies. You pay a higher hourly rate, but you have no payroll admin commitments, or holiday /sick pay to consider. And if, for some reason you don’t like their work, you can ask the agency to send you someone else next time. Check the agencies reputation for supplying good quality staff – your own reputation relies on those staff. Allow enough time to familiarise them with your operation & menus etc.
Malc. C.A.

A recent press release from The Café Academy was:
Surviving in the recession is tough. Knowing what the customer wants can make all the difference between surviving- & thriving.

Malcolm Harris from The Café Academy sheds insight on what makes a good – or bad eaterie.

From a recent article in The Times:
The number of shoppers buying local produce has DOUBLED in the last 3 years. This is higher than Fairtrade & high animal welfare standards.
Their reasons are fresher, less road & air miles & supporting local producers & farmers. Even Asda’s sales of ‘locally sourced’ have risen by 300% in the last 3 years, accouting for more than 6000 items.

I can’t emphasise enough the importance of both using & promoting local produce.
Some businesses (like farm shops) may let you advertise at their premises that you use/sell their products in your café/restaurant. A win-win scenario.

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