Products and Services

Products & Services offered by the Café Academy

to assist you at every level of generating a successful business.

  • E-programme – Essential keys in ensuring your business succeeds – FIRST TIME
  • Seminars and Workshops
  • Consultancy and Business Assessment
  • ‘Sod The Diet!’ cookery book.
  • The Cafe Academy mastermind forum
  • The Academy awards programme

Seminars & Workshops

Malcolm Harris personally runs small, intimate regional seminar workshops in the UK for those who would prefer a more personal approach to developing their business. Each workshop leaves you with a personal action plan specific to you & your business.
Malc also includes some key aspects of personal development, which he believes is crucial to the modern entrepreneur, having himself learnt from some of the worlds’ masters, like Robert Kiyosaki, Gerry Robert and Nick Williams.
The seminars include real case studies that show what makes a business successful, and what doesn’t. You will learn how to identify potential problem areas, and develop opportunities that already exist. You will also learn how to hone & improve the talents you already possess.
If you would like more information, or you are interested in attending, email your name and location and we’ll let you know when and where the next one in is in your area.

The E-programme

This programme provides everything you need to know to help make sure you business venture is a thriving success. A comprehensive, easy to follow system- with proven formulas, tips, techniques & insider secrets ensuring your business runs at its optimum level. Visit the home-page on this web-site for more information and an application form.

Consultancy & Business Assessment

Through a detailed assessment, Malcolm can identify the problems- and opportunities for your business and work with you on a plan of action to address the issues, and optimise your revenue, profits & business systems so that you can start to enjoy the success you deserve.
Please email for more information.

Whether you’re just setting up and need professional advice, or you need to improve your existing business, Malcolm can help you to implement strategies that work.
If you’re not yet up and running, Malcolm can assist in making sure you set it up right, first time.
If you’re already trading, and need help and advice to greatly improve trade levels, revenue & profits, Malcolm can come in and help you turn the business around.

The Mastermind Forum

This forum is a meeting place where every subscriber can gain access to ongoing input, support and advice from the director, Malcolm Harris.
The Forum is also a place to find information and updates on what’s new, what is happening in the industry and a question and answer notice board.
It is here to represent the needs and ambitions of our members by providing them with an industry specific network of forward-thinking business people. Providing them with 1st class support, with opportunities to share ideas in all aspects of business development.
All Café Academy members (membership is automatic to anyone who has downloaded the Café Academy Programme) will receive a FREE 30 days trial.
The Mastermind Forum – only £9.95 a month! (Usual price £19.95). This offer is only available to the first 100 subscribers.
Your very own personal consultant for less than £2.50 a week. Less than the price of a cup of coffee.

The Academy Awards Programme

Our awards programme will be launched later this year, and has been created to reward and recognise hard work, quality and professionalism within the industry for independent operators in our sector.
Hotels, guesthouses and some restaurants can work towards star ratings, awards and certificates that can be used to recognise and market their businesses, often generating substantial increases in trade.

It’s about time the same kind of recognition can be awarded to café, coffee shop, lunch bar and restaurant owners who have worked hard and deserve all the success they can get.
The Café Academy endeavours to achieve this. The Café Academy offers automatic access to all forum members that wish to take part.
Keep an eye on the forum about how to get involved in the coming months.

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