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Dear Fellow entrepreneur.
If you currently have a business, or are seriously considering it, whether its’ a café, restaurant, coffee shop, lunch bar- or indeed any kind of high street retail, this free report could not only be relevant, but essential to your success.

If you’re already in business and don’t act quickly, you could be missing out on substantial additional revenue and profits. If you’re still carefully considering going into business, this report can potentially save you a small fortune in costly mistakes. There’s nothing more worrying than the days you think you may not break even, let alone make a profit!

Whether you’re running a café, coffee shop, restaurant or tea room etc… the chances are it’s producing only a fraction of the trade, sales and cash-generation that it can, and should. Best of all, quite simple but critical changes to the way you run your business have been shown to release torrents of new customers and profits… and these changes need not cost you any more than you’re investing in your business already!

I have managed to persuade one the industry’s most experienced and successful small business owners from the world of catering & hospitality, Malc Harris to reveal 7 of his most important, most rapid moneymaking strategies to a limited number of people wanting to be successful in running their own café or restaurant.

You won’t believe how much additional revenue your business can generate until you see it.

Let me quickly give you some background about Malc. His credentials are what makes these strategies and ideas so important to get hold of.

Malcolm Harris is one of the most highly successful small business developers in his industry. He has taken numerous businesses from their knees, to thriving, profitable success stories, even creating an independent supply business from scratch. His consultations for private clients can cost upwards of £495 a day. Why? Because they know their return on investment will be multiples more in new sales and profits because of his experience and expertise.

The problem with this is that the majority of businesses, particularly small to medium businesses like you, is that Malc’s strategies are beyond your price range. Although you would quickly recoup what you invest, and then many thousands more, most consultancy rates are simply too high for 95% of small business owners.

I had to fight Malc to give you these secrets for free. It was a tough fight before getting him to agree to let these 7 secrets out to a limited number of you for free.

Why did I ‘fight’ so hard for you? Because unless and until you become aware of how Malc optimises his trade levels, revenue and marketing, you simply cannot gain the most from your business. He eventually agreed, as a favour to a small number of business owners. This means you can now- if you hurry –gain access to some of the most powerful secrets and strategies today, absolutely free of charge, and without obligation. You can start profiting from what you are about to receive within just days from now.

And you can become a leader in your field.

Is there any ‘catch’ at all? Yes. Just one. You have to be one of only 1,000 café, restaurant, coffee shop, lunch bar or retail business owner/operators to request this free download. Sorry, this offer is strictly limited and will be taken offline immediately as a strict part of my agreement with Malc.

One more thing…

You have absolutely NO commitment to ever purchase anything else from Malc- or anyone else –at any time now or in the near future. It’s important you know that.

You might be interested though, to take Malc up on an offer to reveal MANY of his secrets in an extraordinary, ‘Essential Keys In Ensuring Your Business Succeeds – FIRST TIME!’ from The Café Academy which he has developed specially for small to medium size businesses. I have seen what Malc reveals in this programme and it’s quite simply mind-blowing. It contains dozens and dozens of the most powerful business building and profit making discoveries I have seen anywhere, by anyone in the world of catering and retail.

What’s more, Malc has agreed to make his exclusive programme available to you for a heavily reduced price, but for a very limited time only. I can’t believe Malc has agreed to practically give it away… but he has. My advice to you is to get a copy before the reduced price ‘Essential Keys’ programme is snapped up.

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You’ll find out how to make sure you’re always streets ahead of your competition.

You’ll learn how to improve your profit margins without effecting your customers.

You’ll also find out why an advertising campaign is one of the last things he advises you to do.

And you will find out, for the first time ever (Malc has never made this public before) the specific strategies he DOES employ first – in order to almost guarantee an immediate hike in trade levels – to the glee of his private clients and their bank manager!

Don’t miss that for the world. It’s crammed full of ‘golden nuggets’ of near instant profit-making advice, strategies, tactics, & techniques. So, whether you operate (or intend to) a café, restaurant, coffee shop, lunch bar, or indeed, most other high street retail business, this is an opportunity to delve into Malc’s mind and learn the specific, little-known tactics & techniques he has used for himself, and his clients.

BUT FIRST claim Malc’s Free, ‘7 Secrets’ Now. Simply apply in the box below.

But hurry, only 1,000 copies will be available for a free download – so be quick!

Warmest regards,
Jonathan Ketch.
Duchy Smoked Fish.

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